Best Sauna Suits Reviews

RAD Heavy-Duty Sweat Suit
Nylon and PVC coated fabric,Durable and high quality sweat suit.
Elasticized cuffs for optimum result.Heavy duty sweat suit.
Designed to provide maximum durability and performance.
Ausom Women’s Sweat Body Shaper
Material: 70% Neoprene + 15% Polyester + 15% Nylon.
The Ausom Shaper Shirt is made up of neoprene
It can help to improve microcirculation, flush toxins, increase perspiration and calorie burning during exercise, and assist in lessening fluid in fat cells
PU Health Pure Acoustic Gym Thermo 2-Piece Sauna Suit
The Sauna Suit's comfortable pullover top and pants have a loose, relaxed fit with elastic at the waist, wrists and ankles.
Versatile style brings enhanced fitness to both men and women.
Great to wear before any upcoming event where you are looking to shed some pounds.

Best sauna suits

People are always seeking new ways to improve their workouts, and they find methods that can enhance what they are already doing. While some take proteins or substances for weight loss, others prefer to take a more natural approach and start using a sauna suit. I would just like to say that a sauna suit is not a suit that you wear while you go to the sauna. It is a common confusion, and I would like to put it behind us. It is not far from the truth, but it is still the wrong idea.

What is a sauna suit and how does it work?

A sauna suit is what the title suggests, a suit. However, it is not something you can wear when you go to the sauna, but a suit that creates the effect of being in a sauna. Hence the name. The suit is made of special materials that will enclose your body while you are working out. The suit retains the heat produced by your body when you exercise, and you sweat more than usual. While the sauna suit is used for weight loss, its effects are far more extensive than you would think.

As to how a sauna suit works, it is pretty simple. The suit will cover most of your body, except the hands, feet, and of course, head. It is designed in such a way that your body is enclosed pretty tight. Even the cuffs are made to fit tight around your legs and hands. While you work out, your body produces significant amounts of heat. When you are wearing regular training apparel, that heat is released, but a sauna suit will not allow that to happen. It will keep the heat inside so that it can cause you to sweat massively.

While you do lose some weight wearing the sauna suit, keep in mind that none of that weight is fat. It is only water weight, and it will go right up on that scale as soon as you drink the water you eliminated. In the long run, the sauna suit is useless for weight loss. Some contact sports fighters use it before the weigh-in when they compete, but other than that, my advice is to work out and watch your diet if you want to lose some weight.

What are the pros and cons of a sauna suit?

A sauna suit has both, but as long as you are careful, nothing bad can happen to you. But for the sake of full disclosure, I am going to talk about both categories. We will start with the advantages of a sauna suit.

  • It improves your performance – when your body suffers from heat stress, like the one you are getting when you wear a sauna suit, the blood flow to your muscles is increased. How is that important? Because nutrients travel by blood to your muscles, and they need it during exercise. However, they will run out of nutrients pretty fast, and that is when the muscles turn to glycogen. When that happens, your muscles receive all the nutrients, fatty acids, and oxygen they need for better
  • It improves muscle hypertrophy – I will try to not get too technical about this, but it is relatively complicated. Muscle hypertrophy is nothing other than big muscles, to put it simply. To ensure it, you need a positive outcome of protein synthesis. Working out can help with that, of course, but it can also lead to the breakdown of those proteins. There are two things that can result in positive protein synthesis: human growth hormone and heat stress. Do you see where I am going with this? It would be great if you stayed away from growth hormones and invest in a more natural method of getting a positive protein
  • It is good for your brain – heat stress does not train your body only. It can also train your mind. Your cognitive abilities will be enhanced thanks to the release of prolactin and norepinephrine. You will be able to focus better, and your attention span will know some positive changes as well.
  • It can reduce cardiometabolic risk factors – believe it or not, a sauna suit has been put up to a test by researchers. Their findings were quite in favor of it. Their study showed that, among others, the percentage of body fat dropped down with 1.5%, the triglycerides went down with 15.5%, the HDL cholesterol went up with 6.4% (the good cholesterol), and the oxygen intake was improved by 8.5%.

The cons:

While the disadvantages of a sauna suit can be avoided with some information, plenty of people skip that step and end up meeting face to face with them. The most significant and potentially dangerous downsides of a sauna suit are as following:

  • Overheating – to avoid overheating, you must always listen to your body. If you have never been in a sauna suit before, it is recommended that you use it for 5 to 20 minutes every other day or once every three days. That is until you build up some tolerance. Overheating can lead to fatigue, weakness, fainting, and unconsciousness. That is because the heat is trapped under the suit with no place to go, and that can affect you pretty hard if you are not used to it.
  • Dehydration – dehydration is not just a thirst. It is more severe than that. It can lead to fainting, lightheadedness, disorientation, and muscle contractions. It is very important to listen to your body if you feel extreme thirst. Plus, do not forget to have your recommended daily water intake. Going into the suit already dehydrated is dangerous.
  • Kidney damage – this is a very rare occurrence, but it can happen. If you are dehydrated, you do not lose only water, but electrolytes are well. They are very important in kidney function, and you need to avoid that by staying hydrated before and after wearing the suit. Drinking some beverages that are enriched in electrolytes may help, so I recommend you do so. The best solution is lemon water. Just squeeze a lemon in a bottle of water, and you are good to go.

What are the best sauna suits?

You will find plenty of sauna suits online. However, do not go for the first one you see. You need to consider some factors such as size, materials, and safety. As for the latter, you need to pay attention because while the sauna suit needs to retain the heat, it still needs to allow your body to breathe. Lucky for you, there are materials that will enable proper ventilation. You are seeking to sweat, not total body heat. A small rate of cooling is still essential for your well-being.

As long as you pay attention to details, you should be able to make the right decision. You should also read some sauna suits reviews online to learn about other people’s experiences. That way you can avoid their mistakes or find a perfectly good sauna suit. If you are not in the mood for that, just pick one of the products you will see below.

RAD Heavy-Duty Sweat Suit

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The first sauna suit that I found and thought to be perfect for you is the one from RAD. It is available in multiple sizes, from small to XXXX-Large, and it can be worn by both men and women. There are two pieces, the jacket, and the bottoms, and as long as you buy the right size, it should prove to be incredibly efficient.

The Rad sauna suit is made of nylon and PVC coated fabric. While it is durable, it also provides excellent insulation. You will heat up in just a few minutes, and you will feel the effects right away. The quality cannot be questioned in this case. Even the cuffs are designed to trap the heat. The elasticized cuffs make sure that no heat gets away. You will sweat intensely.

The sauna suit from RAD is designed to ensure maximum durability and performance. The material is anti-rip and tear resistant. You will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. You can take it at the gym while you work out, and you can wear it while you train in close contact sports. It is very common for fighters to wear one. Plus, you can use it in the cold season to preserve some heat while you train. That is a secondary purpose for a sauna suit, but it may come in handy.

Ausom Women’s Sweat Body Shaper

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The suit from Ausom is a bit different than the previous product. For one, you have the options of buying just the shirt or the pants. The pieces are sold separately. That is because women like to focus on a particular part of their body. This time, the material used for the manufacture of this suit is neoprene, polyester, and nylon. Together, they are a perfect combination for heat stress and intense sweating.

This product is made especially for workouts. It can make you sweat three times more than usual. It can flatten your abs, and you can lose a few inches off your thighs. It also improves the microcirculation, it can help flush toxins, and it will lessen the fluid in fat cells. The best thing about this suit is that you can wear it at the gym, but you can also wear it around the house while you do your chores. The effect is pretty much the same.

One of the best things about the Ausom suit is that the material is absorbent on the inside. You may be sweating underneath that suit, but on the outside, you will be dry. You may have to buy the two pieces separately, but I think it is worth it. The results will be visible in no time.

PU Health Pure Acoustic Gym Thermo 2-Piece Sauna Suit

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Last but not least, the suit from PU Health is another product that may pique your interest. It is a high-quality sauna suit that is very comfortable. It may be loose and relaxed, but the waist, wrist, and the ankles are fixed with elastic so that none of the heat gets out. You will get the most of it even after just a few sessions.

The PU Health sauna suit has a versatile design that makes it ideal for both men and women. It will make you sweat in just a few minutes. While you can wear it at the gym, you can also wear it outside when you go for a run. The material this suit is made of is very durable and tear-resistant. Plus, it adds some warmth in the cold winter days.

As long as you maintain it correctly, you should be able to enjoy it for years. The manufacturer advises against machine washing, ironing, and you cannot put it in the dryer either. Use it to acquire some extreme body heat, and you will look amazing in just a few weeks.

My recommendation

While I think all three products will do an excellent job and meet their purpose, if I were to choose, I would go for the Ausom Women’s Sweat Body Shaper. I am not saying that the other two are not worthy, but I have used neoprene suits before and they can work wonders. I think this is one of the best sauna suits you can buy, even if you have to buy the pieces separately.


Fighting for your physical fitness is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is worth every little bit of effort. You will look better, and you will feel better. One of the sauna suits above can help achieve those results a little bit faster. I am sure that no matter which one you choose, you will be more than satisfied with the results. Click here to buy on Amazon

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